School Program

Schools Program in Perth, Western Australia

Our interaction with schools is an important part of our work as we strive to involve the local community and raise awareness of the plight of the destitute in Kolkata. This is a short account of our relationship with schools, and how teachers can use CSM as a resource in the context of their school curriculum.


Schools in Perth have been a great source of inspiration and assistance, as they GIVE of their fundraising efforts, and TAKE items with them on visits to India.


Students both in Perth and around the world can grasp our vision when they see that we are working with children of similar ages to themselves but live in very different and difficult circumstances.

When our current Field Director Rod returns to Perth for his ‘holidays’, he can often be found speaking to students at various schools (with a tune on his guitar thrown in on very special occasions!). The generosity of the students and staff has been overwhelming. Schools have held special fundraising events for CSM or have donated funds from existing programs.

These photos were taken at St Francis Xavier School in Armadale (a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia) where Rod was invited to talk to the students on one of their regular ‘Rice Bowl’ days. The students felt a little less reluctant to part with $2 for a plain bowl of rice for their lunch after hearing Rod’s stories of the children he meets in Kolkata. We are truly grateful for the donation that was given to CSM from the funds that were raised from that day.


A number of schools have also been involved directly through visits to Kolkata. In 2006 two groups of students visited Kolkata and worked with various organizations including CSM. Their time spent with Rod was definitely a highlight as they gained an insight into what life and work is like in India.

We are grateful to the students, parents and staff of the Pilgrimage of Hope (pictured), in particular Brother James, for their generous and ongoing support for CSM. The experience that these students had in India has left them with great memories and lots of questions and emotions.

We are also very grateful to the students of John XXIII College for their dedication to supplying a community of children in Kolkata with toothbrushes and toothpaste. Their teeth will love them for it!

A resource for teachers.

We are also keen to work in with existing school curricula in order to increase the relevance of CSM to what students are learning each day.

The following pages provide teachers with a way of linking the Calcutta Stations Mission to the W.A. curriculum framework.

The specific learning area outcomes and suggestions for learning experiences in both primary and secondary programs are included. These are by no means limited to what is presented, but are intended to provide initial ideas and suggestions.

(Catholic schools will find links to the W.A. religious education learning area have also been included.)

Download curriculum guide as PDF document.

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