Project : Food Programme

Project – Food Programme

CSM runs a Food Programmes that operates 365 days of the year feeding the starving and abandoned along one of the major train stations in Kolkata.

CSM is currently running a food programme that services an area in the Kolkata district.

This food programme was started at one of the major train stations in Kolkata, in 2005.

Our aim was to alleviate some of the suffering of the many destitute people that call these platforms and surrounding areas of the station home. The stations at least offered some reprisal from the extreme elements of the harsh climate here such as the extreme heat and humidity, flooding from the monsoons and cold from the winter from which these people already in a weakened state and some near naked find quite severe.

The stations also offered access to drinking water and maybe to even wash themselves. It was also a place which gave them an opportunity to beg and also find some security amongst the other destitute.

Unfortunately they are also at the mercy of the authorities who harshly move them on when inspectors or dignitaries are visiting the particular station.

The Operations Director from CSM with a team of our Local Indian Staff interviewed those they felt would benefit the most from the Food Programme.

The aim was that these people receive a regular meal everyday, that they are easy to find so meaning they would be in the same place for easy distribution and that they had no support what so ever, they were completely destitute.

The meals are prepared and packaged at a local family run canteen; our local team then distributes the food to those on the food programme.

Part of the process is just not to hand out the meals but to also interact with them, to speak with them even if they don’t reply as these people are not used to be spoken to as some are considered as untouchables in Indian culture. Our local teams even wash their hands and open their food parcels for them.

Part of their job is also to look out for those who may be seriously ill or dying and take them to homes for the dying and destitute who may be able to house them in their final hours to give them some dignity in death.

At the moment we feed 17 people at the station 365 days of the year since 2005. Our CSM team has not missed a day.

Much of the success is due to the commitment of our local team and Team Manager in Kolkata who oversees our projects.

Our budget to buy, prepare and feed 17 people 365 days of the year is $10,000.00 Australian dollars for the year. A small price for a big difference which means a persons life can be saved with your generous support of this project.

Costing: $10,000.00 (DONATE)