About Us

Our Inspiration

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not come. We only have today. Let us begin.” – Mother Teresa.

Who is CSM?

CSM is a non-profit relief organisation that is committed to helping the many under privileged in Kolkata, India.



After two self fund pilgrimages to India, Rod Pereira, a former nurse with the Australian Red Cross blood service and founder of ‘Calcutta Stations Mission’ (CSM) had a life changing experience.

Rod worked as a volunteer with “Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity” which introduced him to the startling realisation of the true poverty of the many dying and destitute in Kolkata.

Day after day Rod would find those who were dying from infections, disease and starvation. Sadly some days all he could offer was the comfort of holding them in his arms to die.

These haunting images stayed with Rod even when back home in Perth, Australia.

Rod knew more needed to be done but required the financial support of family and friends. Inspired by Rod’s caring and compassion his close friends formed the Calcutta Stations Mission.

Why Kolkata? (formerly Calcutta)

– Over half of the estimated 16-18 million population live in officially recognised slums
– An estimated 10% of the population (equivalent to the population of Perth) live in ‘unrecognised settlements’
– Many settlements lie along rail tracks and represent some of the most degraded environmental conditions imaginable

Our Future Aims

Once a foothold has been established in Kolkata, CSM plans to expand to become a relief and development organisation. We plan to involve the Indian community and through sponsorship provide rehabilitation, education and employment.